4 Things You Can Do To Sell Your Mobile Home Fast In Tucson

A mobile home can be a great starter house or a good subject for a renovation project, but when you’re ready to sell, you’re ready to sell! Here are four things you can do to sell your mobile home fast in Tucson. Post on the Bulletin Board First things first, potential buyers have to know … Continued

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5 Ways The Tucson Real Estate Market Is Changing In 2020

Are you thinking about buying or selling a house in Tucson? Learn about these 5 ways the real estate market is changing in 2020. The real estate market is always changing. In 2020 it is important to know what to expect before you buy or sell a house in Tucson. In our latest post, we … Continued

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6 Reasons To Avoid The MLS When Selling Your Tucson House

If you own real estate, you have probably heard of the Tucson MLS. It is a members-only website that is joined by real estate agents in the area. They have a local level, a state level, and a national level. Joining this association designates the agent as a Realtor. They must pay to access this … Continued

6 Signs It’s Time To Sell Your House in Tucson

How do you know when it is the right time to sell your house in Tucson? The decision to sell shouldn’t be taken lightly. In this post, we offer 6 signs to help you feel confident in your decision.  Determining the right time to sell your house in Tucson is a big decision. You don’t … Continued

What Tucson Investors Can Do To Flip Their Unwanted Property Fast

Flipping real estate is more popular in recent years than it ever has been. There is something alluring to purchasing property, renovating it, and selling it for more than you paid for it and making enough from the sale to cover your renovation expenses. If you have invested in a property and now want to … Continued

5 Things To Know About Selling Your Vacant Land In Tucson

Buying and selling vacant land is usually a specialized facet of the real estate market. If you own vacant land or are thinking about owning vacant land, here are five things to know about selling your vacant land in Tucson. Market is Less Active The first thing you need to understand about selling your vacant … Continued

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4 Tips For Selling Your House With Owner Financing In Tucson

What is owner financing? This is a type of sale where the owner finances their own buyer or becomes the bank. The owner will usually have similar terms to a bank for a buyer to qualify. They expect a downpayment, interest over a loan, and can also foreclose for non-payment. This is also a great … Continued

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5 Things You Can Do To Sell Your Attached House In Tucson

An attached house in Tucson is a dwelling that shares a common wall or walls with another dwelling. These are most commonly duplexes and townhouses, but can also be other multi-family dwellings with a higher number of units. If you’re ready to sell, here are five things you can do to sell your attached house … Continued

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5 Disadvantages of Selling Your House in Tucson To An Online Buyer

iBuyers are the newest thing to hit the real estate market. However, it’s important that you are aware of the disadvantages of selling your house in Tucson to an online buyer. Many of the iBuyers coming on to the scene are getting attention due to their brand familiarity and promise of convenience. However, working with … Continued

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5 Tips For Selling Your Unwanted Multi-Family Property In Tucson

Thinking about selling your multi-family property? You might want to prepare your property for sale for a better chance at a quick sale at a higher price. There are five tips for selling your unwanted multi-family property in Tucson: update the parking area, add more curb appeal, update the common areas, keep the doors and … Continued